08.23.11Jamgood Launches Fall 2011 Promotion Program

Dr Jamgood “Gooey Analog Goodness" Postcard

Jamgood Merch Mailing to Engineers, Producers & Mixers

Georgia Music Magazine Ad “Georgia Music is Jamgood"

LaGrange, GA – Jamgood Mastering kicks off fall 2011 with its first promotion program. Included in the marketing campaign are: a “Gooey Analog Goodness" postcard mailing from the Dr. Jamgood Collectible Series; Jamgood Merchandise Package to southeastern engineers, producers and mixers; and a “Georgia Music is Jamgood" ad in Georgia Music Magazine. The first mailing drops August 22nd, with merchandise give-aways ongoing. The Georgia Music Magazine ad campaign rolls out mid October.

“Even though we’re music veterans Jamgood Mastering is a new business," states Pat Patten, Jamgood mastering engineer, “accordingly, we must make our name and service offering widely known. Our love for analog doesn’t stop with the gear. We believe in face-to-face visits to studios to build better relationships with the record production teams, as well as getting out to stages to hear the musicians who make the great the music we’re privileged to master." “That, teamed with old-school marketing mailings, swag give-aways, and print media hopefully helps us cut through the clutter of social technologies and broadcast email", adds Coe Cloud, creator of the Dr. Jamgood trademark and designer of the company’s postcards and merch.

To be included in future communications, Jamgood Mastering invites engineers, producers, mixers and artists to send their contact information, including mailing address, to Pat Patten, pat@jamgood.com.

Jamgood Mastering provides high-res stereo mastering services for independent artists, producers and record labels. Jamgood Mastering adds advantage in a competitive music marketplace by delivering an exceptional sounding record for a price that fits your budget. Mastering with Jamgood gets you fresh ears, great gear, and long gray hairs of experience in every music genre. Contact Jamgood Mastering for a free courtesy listen and flat project pricing. Pat Patten, mastering engineer. Jamgood Mastering, home of Dr. Jamgood.

For more information about Jamgood Mastering, visit www.jamgood.com


Dr. Jamgood is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and owned by Jamgood LLC.

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Coe Cloud Designs – www.CoeCloud.com
Jammates Records – www.Jammates.com

02.15.11Jamgood Rings in 2011 with High-Res Mastering Services

Fresh Ears, Great Gear & Long Gray Hairs of Experience Underpins New Music Mastering Service ... It's Jamgood!

Gooey Analog Gooness Brings Big Benefit to In-the-Box Recordings

Jamgood Mastering Offers High-Res CD, Digital Download & Vinyl Mastering to Independent Artists, Producers and Record Labels

LaGrange, GA – Jamgood Mastering rings in 2011 with an offer of high-resolution music mastering services to regional, national and international artists, producers and record labels. The company's aim is to add advantage in today's competitive music marketplace by delivering a great sounding record for a price that fits the shrinking independent and label budgets. Well equipped with marquee names found only in top studios around the world, Jamgood serves up stereo mastering for CD, digital download and vinyl.

Jamgood LLC partners Pat Patten and Coe Cloud recognized a need in their region's recording services. According to Patten, “Most of the commercial studios and bedroom/basement set-ups in our area choose not to buy the expensive specialty equipment required to compete with the output of today's top-notch mastering suites. Since we're all in this crazy music business together, hopefully our investment helps the team, so to speak. Coe and I are at the end of the record production process. She does great design and music marketing for artists, and I'm thrilled to be hands-on with the gear again. We're putting out our best effort to help make musicians sound and look better." “Today more music than ever is created," comments Cloud, “in part because the equipment to record it digitally is inexpensive. Most audiophiles agree, digital sounds brittle and cold as opposed to analog's richness and warmth – our Jamgood's gooey analog goodness dramatically benefits in-the-box digital recordings."

Jamgood Mastering promotes 'fresh ears, great gear and long gray hairs of experience in every music genre'. The quote isn't overstated as Patten has been making music since he was a teenager, about forty years now. The studio's mastering chain features equipment from Manley, API, Empirical Labs, Pendulum, Crane Song, Focal and Sonic. And the 'fresh ears' part... well Patten says, “my hair might be long and gray, and my ears old – let's say seasoned – but before a music mix goes to manufacturing for public release, it most always sounds better after a fresh listen and several refinement tweaks. We've taken great care in selecting the best of the best analog gear, all hand-wired to squeeze out every ounce of music quality from today's talented music makers." Cloud adds, “Our clients range from mainstream acts, to niche artists, to up-and-coming independents. There's tremendous musical diversity now – we're hearing something new and fresh every week. In today's tough economy everyone is concerned about price; after a courtesy listen, Jamgood provides a fixed project rate before scheduling the mastering session."

Coe Cloud and Pat Patten also are partners in Jammates Records LLC, an indie record label with an Independent Music Awards 'best blues album of the year' 2010 nomination for Morning Glory by Marshall Ruffin, one of the label's roster artists. Cloud also helms Coe Cloud Designs, a music marketing business division of Jamgood LLC.

Company affiliations:
Coe Cloud Designs – www.CoeCloud.com
Jammates Records – www.Jammates.com