Analog Insert Switcher:
Manley Backbone

Analog Processing:
Manley Massive Passive Vacuum Tube Equalizer
API 5500 Classic Equalizer
Manley Vari-Mu w/ T-Bar Mod Tube Compressor/Limiter
Kush Audio UBK Fatso Character Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressors Matched w/ Image Lock & Brit Mode
Pendulum PL-2 JFET/MOSFET Peak Limiter

Digital Processing & Conversion:
Crane Song HEDD-192

Any 16 or 24 bit PCM digital audio file format (44.1 – 192kHz)
Korg MR-2000S DSD
Tascam DA-30 DAT transport

Crane Song Avocet Stereo Monitor Controller
Focal Twin6 Be Active Monitor Pair

Sonic Studio soundBlade
Pro Tools
Digital plugins from FabFilter, Sonic, Sonnox and Waves
Gotham Cabling