Every project is different and benefits from our unique approach. We'll give your mixes a courtesy listen, and then quote you a not-to-exceed price to master your music.

Mastering an album can take as little as 5-6 hours or as much time as you and we deem necessary to result in the quality you deserve. $15 per mixed minute is a good guide, e.g. 30 total mastered minutes is $450. Variations for radio and/or licensing during the session are an additional $15 each.

After the initial mastering is done, the next step is to produce a reference redbook master, i.e. sequence, fades, song-to-song timing, and CD-text. We provide a master (CD or DDP) to which you listen and approve. Then before uploading the DDP to your manufacturer, Pat performs a final critical realtime QA listen. You will receive two 44.1/16 safety master discs for your intellectual property file. The rate for redbook/DDP preparation ranges from $75-$125.00. {note} If you are planning only digital distribution of your record, you do not need a physical, error checked master disk.

High-res [88.2/24 or 96/24] "Mastered for iTunes" is available for a slight premium.

Please know, Pat doesn't overtax his ears by critically listening for extended periods or by booking more than one full length record per day.

The bottom line is this... after we've receive your final mixes and given them a courtesy spot listen, a not-to-exceed firm quote will be agreed and your attended or unattended mastering session scheduled.